2. Classic nude artwork

  3. swphotoblog:

    Alex Noiret for Set Daze
    Hair and Make Up by Gloria Noto
    By Samantha West
    Los Angeles, CA 092014
    (by Samantha West)

  4. Fashion set at Cathedral of Seville (Spain)

  5. Forest of lovely pleasures

  6. davidurbanke:

    Jenna Castilloux stopped by for her first shoot in New York.

  7. Arielle Peterson - Patrician


  8. Madelene - White doors

    Model on top. Session at Barcelona (Spain) with one of the best Mexican painters, Santiago Carbonell



    After years of intense photographic work is a pleasure for me to share my practice with my friends, models, stylists, hairdressers, makeup artists and everyone who simply enjoys photography.

    This photoblog is only my personal vision, the way an artist perceives his art without other ambition to offer a space for debate for everybody who love the photography.

    In recent years my goal has focused on seeking direct and artless picture on models, creating a sense of hyper-realism in the scenes.​​

    Have been intense but productive year, where I had the opportunity to discover the vast amount of hues that hide behind work with professional models.

    If so much effort has paid off is an issue that only himself can appreciate. I can only be grateful to my friends for joining me on this trip. I hope you enjoy it as I have done.